September 22, 2011

History of Mathematics

Mathematics began from the counting of numbers. Ancient people measured things by cutting out symbols, straight lines, or drawings on cave walls, pieces of woods and tree trunks to record their properties including those livestock they reared. During ancient time, mathematics came into existence from the creation of symbols to represent numbers. About 5000 years ago, man began to use symbols represent numbers for counting purpose. As time passed by, people in places of ancient civilization such as Egypt, Babylon, Greece, Roman, Maya, China, India and Middle East had created their own number systems. Mathematics can be trated as a study of patterns. Many geometrical theorems and number patterns are the results based from studies of different types of shapes by using mathematical operations. In short, advancement in mathematics and the ability to master its skills become a basic condition for a country to progress. Mathematics encourages human beings to think and reason systematically and rationally. It is the most important tool to push forward the development of civilization in the field of science and technology, social and economic activities as well as to improve the level of human intellectual performance.

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